You Tube Tuesdays: Discovering the Power in Vulnerability

November 3, 2015 • Featured, Life, Video • Views: 1173

Dr. BrenĂ© Brown has a Ted Talk on the “Power of Vulnerability.” I watched it and understood it in concept, but like all things it wasn’t until I experienced it for myself that it became real. Last week, I found myself at the base of a new mountain that I had to climb and all of the stuff (that enough us don’t talk about) crept up in my spirit – self-doubt, anxiety, disbelief, etc.

Check out this YTT Vlog to see how I went from being “scared shitless” to discovering that I was on the right path all through accessing the power of vulnerability. I hope the sharing of my testimony helps you understand that there is power in vulnerability. Keep climbing. Love y’all!


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  1. Sheila Scott says:

    Thank you for that inspiration Nathan H. Williams. “Keep On Trucking” Love you

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