Who’s the Most Significant Female Artist of the 80s? Whitney, Janet or Madonna

September 17, 2014 • Entertainment • Views: 2981

It was always a battle of the divas back in the day.  Mariah Carey is clearly the most successful female artist of all time.  But, before the “Elusive Butterfly” came along three one-named divas ruled the 80’s – Whitney, Madonna and Janet.  Who do you think is the most significant female artist of that decade?

Well, in his article for The Atlantic, Joseph Vogel, makes the claim it’s JANET JACKSON.  Despite Whitney’s dominance in my life (and really of the 90s), I have to agree with him after reading his compelling argument.

“The most culturally significant female artist of the 1980s? Janet Jackson.

I realize that’s a big claim for a decade that included such talents as Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Annie Lennox, Cyndi Lauper, and Madonna. It may seem even more dubious given the fact that Janet really only emerged as a major figure in 1986 with the release of Control—and only released two substantial albums over the course of the decade. Janet didn’t have the vocal prowess of Whitney Houston, or the poetic subtlety of Kate Bush; she didn’t have Annie Lennox’s penchant for the avant-garde or Madonna’s predilection for shock.

But none of these artists achieved the cross-racial impact (particularly on youth culture) of Janet. And none of them had an album like Rhythm Nation 1814.”

(Via The Atlantic)



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