Whitney Is Not Made for TV

June 9, 2014 • Entertainment, Featured • Views: 1560

Anyone that knows me, knows how I feel about Whitney Houston.  She is my all-time favorite singer, performer and entertainer by far.  As a kid, I remember trying to belt out “The Greatest Love of All” in my basement until my mother revealed that singing was not quite my thing.

Whitney never disappointed me.  I never left her even when everyone else was doing their best to tear her down for being human like the rest of us.  I was there as one of her strong and true defenders.  “Don’t say nothin’ bad about my Whitney.” (I have been known to stop talking to people because of it.)

With that said, I am realistic and well aware of the truth of her life.  I choose, however, to focus on the brilliant gift she was in so many different ways.  It wasn’t just the incomparable voice.  The stunning beauty.  The remarkable stage presence.  No, Whitney was an enigma in entertainment  and the world that transcended race, age, gender, socio-economic status, you name it.  Whitney was undeniably an icon, which is why I am opposed to the new film being made by Lifetime about her life.

Her life was the stuff of which great films are made.  Great feature films! Not some tawdry made for television movie on a cable network by a first time director (Angela Bassett or not).  And, I am not the only one who is against the film.  The Houston family is also against it.

When I first heard about the film, I immediately called my dear friend who runs Whitney’s estate to get the family’s take on it.  He confirmed that they were not in support of it and that they believed Whitney deserved more than a TV movie of the week.

In fact, Pat Houston said exactly that to TMZ.  She said, “Whitney is certainly worthy of more than a television movie.  If Whitney were here today, this would not be happening.”

Yesterday, they announced that actress and America’s Next Top Model Runner-Up, Yaya Dacosta would play the late singer.  I am not entirely mad at that casting because she does remind you physically of Whitney and she has shown some solid acting chops in her films.  However, I am just against the project as a whole.  It is reportedly focused on Whitney’s relationship with Bobby Brown from the time they met until their divorce.  Not good.

Say what you will about Whitney Houston’s life, but one thing you can’t deny is that it was a BIG life.  Certainly one that deserves a bigger medium than television.  And, one that was greater than the tumultuous relationship she had with Bobby Brown.  Moreover, I do believe that it is way too soon to do a biopic considering it has only been two years since her death.  Lastly, with the family not involved it only leads me to believe that the script will be pieced together tabloid gossip that we know all too well and that plagued the great singer during her life.

Quite simply, everything about this project seems WRONG.  It does seem though that Lifetime has no plans on halting the project so it looks like it will be coming in 2015 regardless.  I just hope it is not the embarrassing and disrespectful train wreck that I feel it is going to be.  Whitney deserves better!

SOUND OFF!  What do you think about the made-for-television biopic?

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3 Responses to Whitney Is Not Made for TV

  1. Juan G says:

    I personally am against the biopic. I think there is no need to re-live the era the movie will focus on and what people have to understand is an artist owes you their artistry not their life which may include dark days.

  2. Chán André says:


    THEM: “Hey #WHITNEY. We’re planning on making a movie about you.”

    WHITNEY: “Really baby? I’m honored. It’s soon, but… tell me about it.”

    THEM: “Well, it’s going to be a #Lifetime movie..

    WHITNEY: “A movie about my lifetime?”

    THEM: “Well no. Lifetime is a channel on Cable.”

    WHITNEY: “I don’t understand… A movie about ME? On… CABLE?”

    THEM: “Well, yes. It was a really good deal and it will be on a Sunday most likely. We even got your good friend Angela to direct it.”

    WHITNEY: “Chile… Ok. Let me keep that comment to myself. Tell me more. Who did you get to play me? Is it Halle?”

    THEM: “No. Halle is doing a new TV show. But we found this really beautiful young lady named Yaya to play you. She’s done some parts in film. But she’s known from America’s Next Top Model.”

    WHITNEY: “Wait… Hol’Up! So let me get this straight…. You are doing a movie about ME… On Cable television… And not HBO or SHOWTIME, but Lifetime, which if I recall is that station with all the sappy, shitty movies that make depressed housewives wanna jump off a bridge. And you’re letting Angela Bassett direct it… when she’s never done that before, and she’s going to practice on MYLIFE? And then… instead of someone who is a recognized actress who is great at her craft, you found a ‘pretty girl’, from a modeling TV show to play… ME? ME? The most awarded female in the history of music. The model? The actress? The VOICE? Ok this chick must be fierce! So what? It’s about my rise to fame? I guess if Angela’s doing it that’s ok because she’ll respect my life and not try to talk shit and trash me! I know she’s going to talk about my REAL LIFE, my upbringing, church and the HEIGHT of my career…”

    THEM: “Weeelllllllll…. ACTUALLY, she decided to make it a ‘Love’ story about you and Bobby…”

    WHITNEY: “Bobbi Kris?”

    THEM: “Ummm… No. Bobby Brown, Bobby. About your life with him and…”

    WHITNEY: “I gotta go…”

    THEM: “Whitney… Hello…”

    OPERATOR: “The number in Heaven that you’ve reached has been changed and you WON’T be getting the new one.”


  3. Whitney Houston deserves more respect than a Lifetime movie.

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