White Mischief vs. Black Riots – Media’s Blatant Bias Reporting Black Action

April 28, 2015 • Featured, Life, Video • Views: 2035

We all know what’s happening in Baltimore and although it makes me sad to see it happen, I understand it. For me, the reporting of black action in the media is even more disturbing and a perpetuation of our society’s treatment of black people.

I posted this today on Facebook:

So, where’s the outrage when people riot, burn things down, loot, destroy, steal, etc over losing an NCAA Championship or winning one or losing a hockey game? Where are the comments then? Study up on political movements across the world and across the span of time – it’s usually not just peaceful marches that move the needle forward. We needed Malcolm X & the Panthers just as much as Dr. King. Now, I don’t condone destroying anything or violence, but I understand frustration. And, I understand feeling like your entire life has been under foot since the moment you were born just because you happened to be born with more melanin in your skin. Yep, I get that and what it takes to overcome it. I also get being told you have to be twice as good to be almost equal. Don’t allow them to diminish any of us to sound bites on 24-hour news shows. The psychology and pathology behind what is happening is deeply ingrained in American society and its oppression of people. Why would you value a piece of property if the very society you live in teaches you not to value yourself? That is all!”

But, catch this “All In with Chris Hayes” segment that uses satire to outline my very point. So sad and true, it’s almost funny. But alas, this is exactly what is happening in our media every day.

Check out this article, which further illustrates my point:

How The News Talks About Black People

One way or another a change is gonna come!

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