Uptown Magazine Feature for “Ladies Who Lunch & Love”

March 1, 2016 • Entertainment, Featured • Views: 2598

“Ladies Who Lunch & Love” was featured in chic, upscale lifestyle magazine, Uptown Magazine both in the print and digital versions. Here is an excerpt and link to the full article that is available on the magazine’s site.



By Satchel B. Jester

Nathan Hale Williams has a way with the ladies. In fact, he’s currently engaging with four women who are taking him on the journey of his lifetime in his debut novel, Ladies Who Lunch & Love. In the juicy page-turner, the multi-talented writer, producer, actor and former attorney introduces us to four fabulous New York society women navigating life and love while sharing their best friend. Not your typical real housewives, these down-to-earth, relatable women know how to fully seize the day while also boldly confronting life’s challenges.

“With Ladies, I originally set out to write a book of short stories based on the Essence column I wrote for over four years, but I didn’t want to write a preachy love and relationship book. After reading the first draft, my editor, Cherise Fisher, pushed me to turn the book into a novel and I am so glad she did,” says Hale. “It’s always been my goal to encourage people to live their best lives right where they are—flaws and all. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve been able to express this across various platforms from film to television and now, in a novel.”

Williams, 39, plans to breathe more life into the book with an upcoming sequel, movie or series, but only after he completes the script for The Second Act, a film he’s co-writing with actress and friend Jenifer Lewis (Blackish), and writes and directs 90 Days, a film addressing HIV/AIDS in the Black community. “I literally have enough creative ideas to last four lifetimes because I’m inspired by the slightest things,” he gushes. “But, for now, I’m living in a WOW moment and it’s absolutely amazing.”

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