Unplugging from My “Wokeness”

August 12, 2016 • Featured, Life • Views: 992

While on vacation I unplugged to enjoy my loved ones, the various ports, a few cocktails (well, maybe more than a few) and some rest. It was great.

I didn’t scroll any of my timelines. At most, I looked at pictures on Instagram (which usually doesn’t upset me) and went to friends’ pages who I know bring me joy. Other than that, I posted a little and liked pictures I was tagged in from my friend Meyako,¬†our resident photo journalist.

In those 10 days, I realized that if me being “woke” means that I am upset, angry, frustrated, mildly depressed, enraged, disheartened and just downright miserable then, let me stay asleep. Not saying I am disengaging from the movement or promoting what I think is right. But, I found myself caught in the social media quagmire of lunacy.

People (myself included) getting mad at folks about their beliefs. Dumb or not. Being outraged at the crazy that is Trump’s candidacy knowing damn well there are nutso people out there hand picked and made for “making America great again.” Newsflash Nathan, they are not on your page or timeline and you are not changing their minds.

So, I decided to remain generally unplugged and slightly sleep aside from the positive posts and the jokes. I know who I am going to vote for as I know the overwhelming majority of the people on whom I have influence over will too.

I also know that Black Lives Matter and my social media posts although in stride with the times don’t do as much as my efforts that I don’t broadcast. Not saying that anyone’s choice to keep on keeping on is wrong or misguided.

To the contrary, if you have the fortitude for the debates, the craziness and the back & forth with people (generally whom you don’t really know) we need you too. But, for me, I’m way too Pisces for all of that – I feel EVERYTHING.

And, it’s much better for me to stay woke in my real life and get things done than be all up in my feelings in the land of make believe.

To the Olympics Jeeves! That is all.


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