Two Great Quotes on PURPOSE – Saturday Inspiration

July 19, 2014 • Featured, Life • Views: 1486

We often talk about finding your PURPOSE & pursuing it with vigor. In the last 24 hours, I have been blessed with two quotes about PURPOSE that are worth sharing.

“When you are on the path to your PURPOSE Nathan it doesn’t matter what people say or do. You stay focused on that PURPOSE.” – Momma J (My Mother)

“Cast PURPOSE as the lead in your movie and you will help God, your Director, produce a masterwork.” – @DeVonFranklin in “Produced By Faith” (Highly recommend this book even if you’re not in entertainment).

When you are clear on your PURPOSE & resolute in your VISION things will come and go in your life with no real affect on you. People won’t understand why you’re not upset, but you will know deep down that what is meant for you no one and no thing can take from you. And, when you are truly aligned in the pursuit of your PURPOSE it becomes clearer and clearer.

May we all discover our PURPOSE & find the JOY that comes along with pursuing it with PASSION! Granted, it ain’t easy, but it sure is worth it! Have an exceptional Saturday and weekend!

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