T.I. & David Banner Join Kap G for “La Policia” – Explicit

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Walter Scott is the latest in a never-ending string of African-American men and women who are being murdered by the police. Just when you think people are getting the message we get another fatal reminder that we can not give up the fight.

The Hip-Hop community has been criticized for its lack of response to what has happened and lack of support for the mobilization against police brutality, racism, excessive force and the litany of injustices plaguing people of color in this country. It’s why I’m happy that rappers T.I. & David Banner have joined Mexican-rapper, Kap G for a remix of his song, “La Policia.”

In a statement, T.I. wrote “For decades there has been a fear and true resentment for the young minority’s presence in our country’s society. This has led to the consistent barrages of unlawful arrests, unwarranted profiling, and shameful assassinations of our OUR FATHERS, BROTHERS, COUSINS, UNCLES, GRANDFATHERS, SONS and in some cases, OUR DAUGHTERS, SISTERS, MOTHERS and GRANDMOTHERS (come on now??). The blatant disregard for the value of OUR PEOPLE’s rights, lives, and legacies have been ever present in America for all of US to see. Yet, nonexistent to all of YOU who choose not to. How long can WE expect any human being—no, any living creature to continue to accept inferior/substandard treatment, and conditions before the inevitable happens?”

It’s especially encouraging because far too often minorities allow ourselves to be separated along racial lines. But, the truth of the matter is whether you’re black or Latino – there is a war against all of us in the streets. I hope more consciousness comes from the hip-hop community considering it is the world’s predominant culture and influence. We can and we shall overcome!

Check out the song here on The Fader (explicit lyrics):

“La Policia” – Remix – Kap G feat. T.I. & David Banner

(Via The Fader)

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