Selma Was Not Robbed & Other Golden Globe Recaps

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Last night, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (“HWPA”) held its 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards where 2014’s top film and television productions were honored. The Globes usually don’t hold my attention for longer than 45 minutes, but last night was my favorite telecast in a long while, if ever.

I was most excited about the nominations for Selma, including the historic Best Director nomination for Ava Duvernay. In spite of my excitement, I was not optimistic that Selma or Duvernay would actually win. Going into the race, the odds were leaning toward Boyhood.

The night began with a devilishly funny opening monologue from repeat (and final) co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. The comedic duo of friends poked fun at everything from Sony’s e-mail-gate to Bill Cosby (which I thought crept right up to the edge between funny and ‘eeek’ and landed firmly in the land of funny). From the beginning, this year’s Globes telecast was off to a great start.

Then, the awards started coming in and I could tell that this was not going to be a night full of familiar faces holding trophies – no Streeps or Deniros (who wasn’t nominated). But, instead, familiar names would win for unfamiliar programming like Jeffrey Tambor for “Transparent” and Julianne Moore for Still Alice. Had I been a betting man I would have lost my shirt except for Kevin Spacey’s win for “House of Cards” and the sole win for Selma, Best Original Song that went to Common and John Legend (“Glory”).

Speaking of Selma, aside from the trophy for the song, “Glory,” it was shut out of the other major categories leaving many people crying foul. I thought Selma was expertly crafted and acted making it a strong contender, but I don’t think it was robbed. As I mentioned, Boyhood, which chronicles the life of a young boy from age 5 to 18 was the favorite going into the night and probably rightfully so.

I admit I haven’t seen the film, but if the execution is as good as most people say it is it definitely is the sort of project that gets recognized. The type of commitment and risk that concept films like Boyhood and previous winners like The Artist take always arouse the respect and admiration of the industry.

And while Selma was brilliantly done, it was not an innovative cinematic feat like Boyhood. For that reason, I knew the HWFPA would give the big awards to Boyhood for its brave attempt at something new and the success in doing it. Simply, Selma is an undeniably great film, but not a transcendent one like Boyhood.

Don’t get me wrong, I am the first to cry recount when these awards overlook films that I love, especially films from and about people of color (The Color Purple was robbed). I don’t think it does anyone a good service to cry wolf though just because our team favorite didn’t win, especially when it is likely justified. I know I am in the minority on this one, but that’s OK too.

On a lighter and less controversial note, I thought three women stood out as the absolute BEST DRESSED of the night.

#1 – Kate Hudson – Her dress was Versace and it was FLAWLESS. She could’ve done a lot better with the make-up, but she is lil Goldie Hawn so she is beautiful if you throw mud on her face (which it looked like the make-up artist did).

Kate Hudson

#2 – Jennifer Lopez – I just have one word, SLAMMIN’. Jenny from the Block never disappoints me when it’s time to get her glam on full throttle. She looked amazing.


#3 – Jane Fonda – If my Monster-In-Law looked like this at 77; the abuse would be worth it. Jane Fonda definitely has put those workout videos to use to maintain the ultimate SNATCHED-ESHA body in her third trimester of life. You get it Grandma!


I don’t like to talk about things I don’t like so we won’t mention Kerry Washington.

Welp, I am looking forward to the Oscars and more glam. I know that Selma will receive multiple nods and people will be upset again, but you never know. Momentum could shift and the ultimate prize in Hollywood could be reachable. I HAVE A DREAM!

(Photos via Us Magazine Online)

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  1. Julien says:

    It sucks that Carmen Ejogo hasn’t gotten more recognition.

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