Television and film producer, writer and columnist for Essence, Nathan Hale Williams has made more than a name for himself; he is making his mark. Williams received the Legacy of Pride Award at Harlem Pride’s launch party, and with accolades in nearly every arena it is easy to understand why. Even with a resume worth envying, he remains humble and diligent in his work to help others attain success. Read below to discover why Nathan Hale Williams is PROUD.

Harlem PRIDE, what does it mean to you?

Harlem is changing and evolving and to see people out and proud is encouraging. I think often the black community is portrayed as being….

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  1. Venus says:

    I think often the black community is portrayed as being…(angry). We’re perceived this way by individuals who haven’t walked in our shoes. We rarely get a chance to let down our hair without repercussions so we remain bottled up which can get to us sometimes.


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