Porsha Williams May Be Fired from RHOA for Reunion Brawl

March 28, 2014 • Entertainment • Views: 3084

I think this is the nail in the coffin for me and the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  I have long been conflicted about watching in the first place.  But, this entire season has been wrought with extreme negativity culminating in Porsha reportedly hitting Kenya at yesterday’s reunion taping.

Now, according to widespread reports Kenya is demanding that Bravo fire Porsha for the altercation.  It is well documented that physical fighting is prohibited in the Housewives contracts so it does make sense.  However, this is no surprise that it has finally escalated to this level.

All season Kenya prodded and poked Porsha about her marriage, the divorce, the gay rumors, etc.  I know it’s reality TV, but those are some of the most sensitive topics for anyone.  Fall short of talking about her mother, she hit all the sore points (Porsha doesn’t have kids).

Violence is never the answer, but everyone has a breaking point and it seems Porsha reached hers.  The good news for her is that in our current society and media this kind of publicity isn’t bad.  Fans and the other Housewives are rallying behind Porsha so it may work to her benefit – fired or not.  Which is sad in of itself and says a lot about our culture.

It may not make a difference either way for me because I think my RHOA days are over.  There’s so much good drama back in scripted television with fictional characters these days to be caught up in this “reality” stuff any longer.  Kerry Washington is not Olivia Pope!

What are you thoughts?  Are you team Porsha or team Kenya?  Will you continue to watch?  SOUND OFF!








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8 Responses to Porsha Williams May Be Fired from RHOA for Reunion Brawl

  1. George T Wilson says:

    It seems as if we hold shows with african americans accountable when they turn violent and then continue to cosign those that are even more violent, ratchet and with disgusting behavior ex: Mob Wives. Its reality tv it comes with the package, although I find it shameful that grown people cant get along without putting hands on the reality is would we actually watch if there were not a degree of drama involved however disgusting the behavior is. I am not team anyone but I do feel Kenya has been pushing major buttons and knows who to single out if Phaedra didnt give her the ol one two it was bound to come from someone and yes I will be watching then following up with some sound scripted talent such as, HOC, Scandal, The Good Wife, The Blacklist, Crisis, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. There that should balance out my reality addiction called RHOA. #thatisall

  2. Luther says:

    I’m Team Kenya on this one. Porsche clearly forgot they’re all PAID to provoke each other for more drama. Clearly she took it personal, and understanably so, but Kenya’s shit talking ain’t nothing new! Porsche let it get the best of her and now look where she is (bloop! FIRED).

  3. Luther says:


  4. Derrick Donaldson says:

    I do not care for Kenya always trying to start mess with everyone and they should not fire Porsha cause it was Kenya who prodded with Porsha with sex toys about her husband. If anyone should be fired it should be trouble maker Kenya, with her lying Ratchet ass!

  5. I am #b am Kenya all day. The brand would be dead without her fire. Nene got brand new when she hit the big time and Kenya revived the show!!!

  6. Laurence says:

    Nathan the entire franchise makes people look bad. I guess some women react to each other like that but I don’t know many. It is sad. Neither team. The whole show should go. .

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