Olivia Pope Should’ve Been White

April 17, 2014 • Entertainment, Featured • Views: 1541

Yep, I said it!  First, I love Scandal.  I love Kerry Washington.  I love Olivia Pope.  And, I love black people.  But, the latter get on my damn nerves some times, especially when it comes to Scandal and Olivia Pope.  This is the reason why I just wish Olivia had been a white woman and not subject to all of the issues black people put on black people.

Second, as much as I love Scandal and Olivia Pope I do understand that they are not real.  It is a fictional show and she is a fictional character.  So, she can not carry the baggage of an entire race of people so please stop trying to put it on her (and other fictional characters).

If I see another article, post or comment about Olivia sleeping with only white men I am going to scream.  Scandal is a nigh time drama (aka a soap opera).  Sex is a key ingredient.  And, Olivia has gotten around D.C. not with just white men, but with many men.  Their race has been secondary to the circumstance of the plot.  Just like her race should be too.

We are so excited that an African-American woman is the star of a prime time drama, but then we want her to be like Claire Huxtable (who was a sitcom character).  It’s impossible!  Dramatic characters must be complex.

In order for them to work as believable characters that you want to watch they must possess layers of both good and bad qualities.  Sometimes you love them and sometimes you don’t.  Olivia Pope is no different and Shonda Rhimes has created a compelling character(s) with depth and emotion.

The key to Olivia Pope is that no matter what she gets the job done.  As we saw in the last episode, that even means sleeping with Jake to get information she wanted.  Deal with it!  It does not “play to the objectification of black women.”  She made the decision, was in control and had the power.

I could go on and on with my rant, but I think you get the point.  Please let Olivia Pope live in her fictional world with her fictional affairs and her fictional complexities and stop putting our real baggage as black people on her.  We have enough of that to deal with in the real world so let’s just enjoy a well done, juicy prime time soap opera in peace.  Thank you and That Is All!

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