Oh Lord, Mercury Is In Retrograde – Tips on How to Survive It

January 21, 2015 • Featured, Life • Views: 2060

Each year, the planet Mercury seems as if it slows down, stops and moves backward. It can happen three to four times per year. And, even though it is not going backward for real (retrograde) – it does manage to wreak havoc on our lives.

I was a long skeptic of astrology until I discovered Susan Miller and her website Astrology Zone. Susan is one of the nation’s premier astrologist, which is very different than a psychic (of which I remain skeptical). Susan bases her monthly horoscopes on mathematical calculations related to planetary alignment. And, I must say she is usually on point.

The first time Susan talked about Mercury going retrograde I really didn’t think it would affect me. I will save you the laundry list of reasons why I was wrong. What I discovered is shit gets wacky while Mercury is in retrograde.

Thankfully, because I pay attention now I brace myself for it. I ready myself to apologize A LOT! I also expect my electronics to lose their complete computerized minds. It makes it easier to be aware and to navigate. I certainly don’t start new projects or sign contracts during this period. Susan laid it out for me on her site and I have found that Ms. Miller knows of what she speaks.

Mercury has gone in retrograde today, January 21st and will be there until February 10th. You can feel its effects in the pre and post shadows, but the strongest and direct effects occur within that 20 day window.

So, I did a little research and found a great article on MindBodyGreen that lists the Dos and Don’ts of Surviving Mercury in Retrograde.

Here are the top ones:

DO …

1. Review all contracts and legal documents before signing.

2. Pause and breathe before speaking and repeat yourself if necessary!

3. Read all emails and documents before you send.

4. Insure/track important mail and packages, since Mercury rules the postal system.

5. Get your vehicles (or bikes) tuned up and be sure to pack an emergency roadside kit.


1. Buy new vehicles, electronic equipment or gadgets (unless they come with a good return/repair policy).

2. Sign contracts without a thorough review. Delay until Mercury turns direct if you can.

3. Fly off the handle or jump to conclusions if someone misunderstands you.

4. Run into the arms/bed of an ex without careful screening (Mercury reunions aren’t always meant to last).

5. Shoot the messenger if someone from your past comes around.

There are more that I have personally found all to be true during this bat crazy period. Check out the FULL LIST & ARTICLE ON MindBodyGreen. Good luck to you and be prepared to say, “I’m sorry, Mercury is in retrograde.”

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