NMT – Simon Cowell Discovered Him, But Now Aaron Paul Is “Raw”

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Raw is the first solo project from London born singer-songwriter, Aaron Paul.  Lightyears away from the boy band pop that he sang as the lead singer of the chart topping UK group, Worlds Apart it is an irreverent ode to his new found individuality.  It features his latest single, ‘I Don’t Care’ and according to Paul is  “the most stripped down I’ve been.”  Hence, the album’s in your face title.

Aaron Paul was discovered by Simon Cowell while in London doing local open mics to head Cowell’s new group, Worlds Apart.  Initially, Paul says he was apprehensive because “the boy band thing” was not the direction he was headed at the time.  But, Cowell convinced him and the group went on to chart 5 top 10 songs in the UK and Europe, including ‘ Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel’, (featured in the Oscar winning film “The Queen”), ‘Everlasting Love’, ‘Wonderful World’ (written by Aaron Paul & fellow band member Patric Osbourne), and their biggest hit ‘Could it be I’m Falling in Love.’

I must admit that I was apprehensive about covering Paul due to the title and suggestive nature of his first single, “PNP (Party and Play).”  In the LGBT community, the term means coupling drugs with sex (usually unprotected) and is a very dangerous practice plaguing the community.  But, after speaking with Aaron (who gave one of the most upbeat interviews I have conducted in recent memory) my apprehension was calmed.

Like most of the album, ‘PNP’ pushes the limits, but it all comes back to love.  Paul says about the first single, “I took a twist on it and made it more universal. I don’t encourage people to take drugs or have unprotected sex. But, lyrically I have made it in a fun sense.  The person I am with is my addiction.”

Raw is Paul’s return to music after taking a break to pursue the business side of things.  He moved to New York, got into fashion, opened his own agency and “learned how to make money in this business.”  But then the artist says, “[he] felt dead without music and had to return.”

Paul first knew he had to be a singer after watching Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video as a kid, but all of his childhood influences, including the Reggae his Jamaican father played can be felt on his new set and that is intentional.  “There’s something for everybody. Reggae, pop, dance and alternative. And, that’s a reflection of me. It’s the kind of album that I’ve always wanted to make and that’s what I want people to get out of it.”

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Although Paul is no newbie to the industry, having toured the world and enjoyed major success he wants this time to be different.  He says, “The #1 thing I want to do is have fun along the way and do it on my own terms.  The last time around I didn’t enjoy it. I want to enjoy it this time and I want the fans to enjoy it too.”

Paul also is clear about his intentions with regard to every aspect of this first solo endeavor.  “From a very young age, I knew I had something to say and there was more to me musically [than the Worlds Apart music].  It’s just the timing wasn’t right. This is the most honest I’ve been lyrically, in my visuals and in everything…this is the real me.  I’m stripped from the camouflage that was hiding me.  This is 100% me.”

And, he has accomplished just that.  Raw firmly places Aaron Paul far away from his sugary sweet boy band days and gets real.  Like the lyrics of his latest single, ‘I Don’t Care’ this is who he is and he doesn’t care what people think about it.

RAW is available now!

Website – www.AaronPaulMusic.com
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aaron-Paul/145669872154297
Twitter – @APaulMusic
Instagram – @AaronPaulMusic

Check out the Album’s EPK HERE:


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  1. Cee Dee says:

    I love this album. All of the songs should be singles as they all sound good. I listen to it over and over again from beginning to the end with pleasure…in fact…listening to it now!

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