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You know we love introducing you all to independent artists. This Tuesday, meet Metrell who released his album, Who I Am earlier this year. Metrell Javonn Hurst, known simply as Metrell or Trell, is a Tennessee native ready to make his mark on today’s R&B scene.  With two singles already out, “I Can Do Better,” a duet with Damien Crawford and the title single, “Who I Am” (see video below) Metrell definitely has something to say and a voice to match.

We sat down with the talented singer, songwriter, model and personal trainer (peep the pics) to see who inspired him and what he wants listeners to get from his debut album.  Check out the interview below:

NHW:  What was your inspiration for this album?
I am a huge 90’s R&B lover its actually my favorite era and genre of music! So, I wanted to create an album to pay tribute to what made me fall in love with music and writing in the first place.

NHW:  Who are your musical influences?
I am largely inspired by 90s R&B, but I have influences that are outside of that era like Sam Cooke, Donny Hathaway, Whitney Houston (the best in my opinion). I am also inspired by Anthony Hamilton, Lyfe Jennings, Boyz2Men, Jagged Edge, Usher and writers such as Tank, Lauryn Hill, Gordon Chambers, Jazmine Sullivan.

NHW:  When people listen to your album what do you want them to feel?
I want them to feel relaxed, familiar, strong, and encouraged. This album is a quiet storm album–or so I like to call it. So, I want the feeling while listening to the album be smooth and relaxed. Grab a glass of wine, sip, sit back and relax.

Metrell Body

NHW:  Which is your favorite track on the album?
Aww man, trying to pick a favorite is tough I can’t just choose one. I have 4 favorites: 1. Without You 2. Hurricane (lyrically) 3. Who I Am (my testimony) 4. Make Love

NHW:  Tell me something about you as an artist.
I am a very soulful artist and people rarely recognize that part of me. When I released my album everyone said it’s too grown and needs to be more edgy, but that’s not me as an artist or writer. I wrote every single song on my album and each one comes from my own experiences which is why it’s titled WHO I AM. This album is me as an artist telling you who I am as an individual. I am my music, music is my life, it’s all I really want to do.

The album is available on ITUNES and also on my website http://www.metrellhurst.com

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