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April 5, 2016 • Featured • Views: 1310

From Potato Salad to films, crowd funding has become a part of our society and a new way for everyone to be a philanthropist. One of my favorite new sites dedicated to crowd funding is Urban Fundr, which is focused on helping the visions and dreams within communities of color (and beyond) come to life.


Urbanfundr was founded by African American men from St. Louis, Memphis and Chicago with a mission of heeding the call within our own community for self Empowerment. From the founders, “We support projects for the arts, creative projects, dance, education, emergency needs, film, music and technology.”

I asked founder, Andre C. Watkins what makes UrbanFundr different from the other funding sites out there today. Watkins said, “We understand the importance of the funds raised for each campaign. That is why our low fees allow our Campaign Managers to receive more of the capital raised for their campaigns when compared to other crowd funding sites.”

You won’t find any requests to fund the best new apple pie on UrbanFundr. The company is also committed to protecting funders by screening all campaigns for truthfulness and honorability. “We are very sensitive to nonsense campaigns and the negative impact they have on noble pursuits. Urbanfundr wants to ensure all of our Supporters are treated to a simple, pleasant, user-friendly experience every time Urbanfundr is utilized,” notes Watkins.

Other points Watkins wants you to know about the new site:

  • Urbanfundr provides a support service unlike our competitors. We want nothing more than for our Campaign Managers to be successful. If you have a problem we are there for you to aid and assist to make sure you can focus on what really matters. Your Dreams.


  • At Urbanfundr you can set your campaign for as long as you like. We do not penalize you for not reaching your goals within a certain time frame we understand that everything does not go according to schedule and neither should your campaign.


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