Ladies Who Lunch & Love: Meet the Ladies – REBECCA (Available 8/11)

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“A scintillating read perfect for your beach cabana or your bedside table…[Nathan] deserves to join the ranks of Terry McMillan, Eric Jerome Dickey and E. Lynn Harris.” – Patrik-Ian Polk, Award-winning Filmmaker (Noah’s Arc & Blackbird)

You’ve met Vikki & Krissy and now, I would like to introduce you to Rebecca. She was an interesting character to write because I had major issues with her actions, but I tried to write it from a place of love – as the narrator loves her dearly. He too, is upset with what she is doing (having an affair), but wants to be there for his friend. Ladies Who Lunch & Love is a novelization of the Essence magazine column I wrote for nearly five years, “The Girl’s Best Friend.” Cheers!

Ladies Who Lunch & Love will be available on Tuesday, August 11th. You can PRE-ORDER your KINDLE VERSION NOW! Click the link below. Ladies will be exclusively available on Kindle until November 11th and then, on other Ebook formats just in time for the holidays.



CHAPTER 5 – GETTING A GOOD WORKOUT (Meet Rebecca – Excerpt)

It would have been easy to get lost in the romance of the story. Meeting someone who naturally got your beats. The ones in rhythm with the rest of the world and the ones that were not. That person who you didn’t have to explain yourself to from hello. Two souls that had been searching for one another in this busy and crazy world that was New York and finally had bumped into each other with the softness of meteors. It would have been easy, except there was Gerand. Her husband.

“It might be completely crass and out of line, but have you slept with him?” I cautiously asked

“I hadn’t had sex in two years four months and three days.”

“Wow, really?” Ruby couldn’t even imagine.

“Damn Rebecca. I know about taking care of your own business. But, damn.” Vikki was starting to lighten and hear our friend. Not judge her.

“Let’s be clear, sex was never a significant part of the deal with Gerand. Hell, it wasn’t any part of it. I thought it didn’t matter. He was a good man. He was going to be successful. He loved me. It was enough then.”

“Getting older changes what is enough,” added Vikki.

“That’s the thing. I feel young again. I was feeling very old before. Reviewing it all and coming up with nothing but older. Don’t get me wrong I am very grateful for all that I have. I know better than anyone that I lead a privileged life. Just realizing that it’s not enough is a very difficult thing. When you think it’s too late to make any changes. And just like that hope for something different walks right up to your face.”

We all understood. An understanding that erased the traces of judgment any of us had. Conversations with the same thesis had swirled in each of our heads and through our lips to one or the other. Our methods and materials might be unique, but the hypothesis was the same. Had we reached the point of no return? Was this how it was going to be? Or, did we have the ability to change the course? More importantly, did we have the time? You can’t criticize anyone’s journey to the answers of those questions. It is why we sat there silently sipping on our drinks.

When our food arrived, I was no longer excited about eating something healthy. I wanted something fattening to counteract the weight of the conversation. Grilled salmon and some air-puffed fries were not going to cut it. I needed some grease and a shot of Patron. I ordered the shot and planned to stop off at Corner Social when I got home. A burger with bacon, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, and real fries. Comfort food has rightfully earned its name. I was looking forward to getting out of there and getting my comfort on. Then my phone rang again. It was Lauren.



Ladies Who Lunch & Love, the dazzling debut novel from former Essence magazine columnist and NAACP Image Award nominee, Nathan Hale Williams, is the story of four fabulous New York society women navigating life and love while sharing their gay best friend. Not your typical snobs or real housewives, these ladies are down-to-earth, relatable women who know how to have a great time even when confronting life’s challenges. Over the course of a year, our narrator and the ladies go on a journey that forces them to examine their lives and choices, yet enjoying the glamorous side of NYC living like you’ve never before seen.

Nathan Hale Williams is an award-winning filmmaker (Dirty Laundry & Love for Passion), producer, entertainment attorney and television personality. Nathan is the co-author of Inspiration: Profiles of Black Women Changing Our World and contributing author of For Colored Boys…, which won the American Library Association’s Stonewall Award for Non-Fiction Book of the Year. Nathan starred in Sundance Channel’s #1 rated original series, “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys” as well as Showtime’s “American Candidate.” He recently moved to Los Angeles after living in Harlem, New York for fifteen years.

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