Ladies Who Lunch & Love: Meet LAUREN (Avail. 8/11)

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“A delicious page turner with plot twists and surprises up to the very last page. Fun! Fun! Fun!” –

Dorian Warren, MSNBC Contributor; Host, “Nerding Out”

You’ve met all of the Ladies, except Lauren. She is the sole white woman in the group, but she is also very special to the narrator. A blue-blood without the pretense. And, definitely not an affected white girl with a bunch of Black friends. Lauren’s character is representative of the fact that true friendship transcends race and culture – just like when we were all children. She has some issues with her husband though, which force her to step into a new sphere. Ladies Who Lunch & Love is a novelization of the Essence magazine column I wrote for nearly five years, “The Girl’s Best Friend.” Cheers!

SURPRISE!!! Only for my website readers, the book is AVAILABLE NOW via the e-store link below! I’m not announcing this widely because I wanted to give YOU a special advance on the book. You can click on the link below and order your copy NOW and have it before the rest of the world. Thank you for being loyal readers of the site and for supporting me. I am so appreciative of it all. SHHHH!


For everyone else, Ladies Who Lunch & Love will be available on Tuesday, August 11th. You can PRE-ORDER your KINDLE VERSION NOW! Click the link below. Ladies will be exclusively available on Kindle until November 11th and then, on other Ebook formats just in time for the holidays.


CHAPTER 6 – Husbands Gone Wild (Meet Lauren – Excerpt)

The teardrops hit my shoulder like the beginning of a rainstorm. Evidence of what’s to come. We sat on the floor in Lauren’s pristine closet, the size of many New York apartments, underneath the names that noted her designer life — Urban Zen, Phillip Lam, and Alexander Wang. My rescue effort had been right on time. Calls like the one Lauren just gave me come with little warning and no decoder for the indecipherable whimpers of despair heard on the other end. But when you truly know someone, making sense is unnecessary. A cry for help is just that. So I had rushed over from my episode of Cheaters to find her crouched down like an unborn child wasting away in a pool of far too expensive tears.

The children were on break with her parents in France. No Josh. And there was no staff to speak of in sight either. During the call she’d managed to articulate that she was on the floor of the closet and that the front door was open. She was unable to explain much more or muster the energy to move from her position. I had no idea what was going on although a myriad of thoughts ran through my head. Different scenarios that all involved Josh. Had it been the kids Lauren would have certainly been in save-the-day mode and not crippled. She was fiercely protective of her three children, and I knew that her lioness instincts would have kicked in by now if it were related to their well-being. Whatever it was, though, was not fresh. For her to be in this space meant that it had been brewing for some time.

She cried in my arms for what felt like hours but was really just shy of one. I kept silent partly because it seemed like the right thing to do and also because I didn’t have a clue what to say. Although my afternoon had been filled with unexpected announcements from Rebecca, I was ready to deal with whatever had brought Lauren to her knees. Even after the effects of the afternoon cocktails had long worn off, the weeping hour had afforded me the opportunity for multiple prayers and centering thoughts as I armored my own spirit in preparation.

The tears became less and less while her breaths became deeper. Lauren finally lifted her head from my shoulder and sat back against the wall. After wiping her beet red face and eyes she said, “It’s all true.”

I stared at her for a minute still not clear to what she was referring until my mind caught up with the moment. She meant the tabloids. I hadn’t read any of the gossip rags or blogs myself, but the rumors were becoming so widespread that you couldn’t avoid them. It wasn’t the first time one of my friends had been the subject of a relentless storyline that was untrue so I hadn’t paid much attention to it. Josh was a famous producer who was often covered by the so-called celebrity journalists because of his work with A-List talent and his early success. According to what had recently been reported, he was becoming more known for having a drug problem. I had chalked it up to exaggerated sensationalism because Lauren had never mentioned anything about it. Sure, we all knew Josh was an occasional partier, but never to the extent that would cause anyone to be worried. It was part of the Hollywood beat and certainly not unusual in the circles in which we all ran. The first time I had seen someone do cocaine had freaked me out beyond belief. I was definitely a square and stayed that way personally, but over time the occurrence became less and less extraordinary. It was what it was, and there was no judgment, especially if it wasn’t regular. Looking at Lauren now, I got very worried.


Ladies Who Lunch & Love, the dazzling debut novel from former Essence magazine columnist and NAACP Image Award nominee, Nathan Hale Williams, is the story of four fabulous New York society women navigating life and love while sharing their gay best friend. Not your typical snobs or real housewives, these ladies are down-to-earth, relatable women who know how to have a great time even when confronting life’s challenges. Over the course of a year, our narrator and the ladies go on a journey that forces them to examine their lives and choices, yet enjoying the glamorous side of NYC living like you’ve never before seen.

Nathan Hale Williams is an award-winning filmmaker (Dirty Laundry & Love for Passion), producer, entertainment attorney and television personality. Nathan is the co-author of Inspiration: Profiles of Black Women Changing Our World and contributing author of For Colored Boys…, which won the American Library Association’s Stonewall Award for Non-Fiction Book of the Year. Nathan starred in Sundance Channel’s #1 rated original series, “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys” as well as Showtime’s “American Candidate.” He recently moved to Los Angeles after living in Harlem, New York for fifteen years.

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