Kim’s Married & You’re Mad – Why? (She Ain’t Done Nothing To You)

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Unless you live in the outskirts of the arctic, you know that reality star, Kim Kardashian married rapper/producer, Kanye West this past weekend at the Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy.  It seems that everything about the wedding was top notch, including the hateration the couple (mainly directed towards Kim, in my opinion) has been receiving.

I have made no qualms about why I refrain from talking about Kimye (although I obviously find myself doing it here).  It’s more about Kanye than it is about Kim.  I find him to be obnoxious, unjustifiably arrogant and reckless in some of his behavior and comments.  I am a fan of some of his music and do not deny his tremendous talent, but his antics have often overshadowed it in my book.

On the other hand, I have nothing against Kim Kardashian and not sure why anyone would.  I get it that she turned nothing into something by capitalizing on the sex tape she made with Ray-J.  But, that’s the American way.  I’ve heard people say that she has no talent.  But, taking a romp in the sheets with a B-level (at best) R&B singer and translating into a multi-million dollar enterprise sounds like talent to me (albeit with a lot of help from momma Kris).  I’ve heard black women get upset that she only dates/marries black men.  But, hey can we really blame her for that.  So, what gives?

I think the problem is more with our society than it is with Kim Kardashian.  We were taught that if you had talent, worked hard and never gave up that over time each of us could make our American dream come true.  The Internet turned that age old theory on its nose by giving so many different types of people with varying “talents” a platform for instant success.  Justin Bieber is an internet discovery that translated into a million dollar business.  And, the list goes on.  But, is it their fault or ours?

And, to be clear Kim does have a bankable “talent” whether you like it or not.  She’s drop dead gorgeous.  People have been using their looks to climb society’s social and economic ladders since the ladders were built so why get mad at Kim.  Moreover, she was smart enough to embrace the fact that she really isn’t that interesting and when they developed the show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” she (and producers) brought in her sisters (particularly Khloe), her mother and her Olympic legend step dad to make it fun.  All the while giving the rest of her family a platform to earn millions and get their shine on too.  I think that is admirable and hope to do the same for my family and friends when I make it big.  But yet, people are still mad.

I will probably go back to not talking about Kimye again for the reasons I mentioned earlier.  However, for now I am actually happy for Kim and Kanye.  I am a hopeless romantic and I am rooting for them to work out (as I do for anyone who makes the decision to fall in love and get married).  I am also taking notes from their wedding because if you’re going to do it, you might as well do the damn thing until its done.  And, that’s exactly what they did!

So, congrats to Kanye and Kim West (and little North too) on their nuptials.  I wish you LOVE & CEASELESS JOY and I wish you freedom from all of these haters who really have no basis for it.  May you prove them all wrong and continue to shine on in your way (and may Kanye calm down a bit and be more gracious about all of the blessings he has –  but THAT might be pushing for too much).

In either event, if you find yourself hating on the Wests (particularly Kim) I encourage you to ask yourself – “Why am I really mad?”

I wish YOU ALL, too, LOVE & CEASELESS JOY!  SOUND OFF!  Let me know what you think.


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    U r dead on

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