It’s All Beyonce’s Fault – Now, Aretha Has A “Surprise” Album

September 17, 2014 • Entertainment, Featured • Views: 2568

I have not been right with Aretha Franklin for a very long time let me admit that right now.  First, my bestie Dani and I paid good money to hear her sing at Wolf Trap in DC only for her to come out to sing three songs and then, leave.  No refund.

Then, she didn’t show up for my beloved Whitney’s funeral where she was supposed to sing citing illness.  But, somehow she was able to perform at her concert at Radio Music Hall that same night.

THEN, she started coming for one of my favorite divas of all-time, Ms. Patti Patti (she’d actually been coming for her for a while, but it heated back up).  I love Patti Labelle!  She is one of the nicest and most down-to-earth people I have ever had the privilege to meet.

I say all that to say that the “Queen of Soul” has chalked up more than three strikes with me.  Still love her recorded music (yes, shade), but you can keep everything else.  So I am probably biased in my side eye that she just ANNOUNCED her SURPRISE album.  She isn’t the first celebrity to do so such an oxymoronic act.  And, I blame Beyonce.

Ever since Queen Bey really did release a surprise album in December the number of musicians and acts that have tried to match the feat has been a little embarrassing.  Mainly because they tell you that the album is coming out negating the whole “surprise” thing.

Anywho, act like you’re SURPRISED when Ms. R-E-S-P-E-C-T drops her new album on September 30th (after announcing on Letterman on September 29th).  Ooops did I say that out loud!?

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3 Responses to It’s All Beyonce’s Fault – Now, Aretha Has A “Surprise” Album

  1. Wadiya Ali says:

    My experience seeing the Queen of Soul in Atlantic City some years back was one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. She was fantastic with a capital “F”. This was when her sister Carolyn was part of her backup singers. She sang all my favorites and I left the show on cloud nine.
    I was unaware of a riff between her and Patti but then I don’t follow the goings on of celebs like I use to. Anywho, I do enjoy your articles and I am huge fan…Keep up the good and always positive work. God bless.

    • I wish I had the same experience because prior to that night in Wolf Trap I LOVED Aretha Franklin. Like I said, I still love an Aretha song. No one is like her! But, my enthusiasm for her otherwise has waned. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Sending you LOVE!

  2. Brooke says:

    *dropped my mouth and grabbed my heart*. LOL whhhaaaaat?! Ol’ Aretha… I cant do anything but chuckle and smh. I just love her music too much!

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