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April 8, 2015 • Entertainment, Featured • Views: 1379

I love all things entertainment, which is why I was thrilled when the awesome site Indieporch asked me to do a weekly entertainment Vlog for their Indieview section – WHAT A WEEK IN ENTERTAINMENT! 

Indieporch is a film portal for indie film lovers and filmmakers alike. A digital gateway to curated independent multicultural cinema from across the globe and a resource center for independent filmmakers making films for, by and about people and communities of color.

From the Curators of Content for IndiePorch:

“Join us as we archive a substantial library of independent documentaries, short films and much more. Not only will we provide a platform to view indie cinema, but we will provide a network of information that relates to film and the entertainment industry as a whole. On Indieporch you will be able to watch some incredible films, participate in our signature FILMWARS series, schedule a screening, or respond to a pitch from an advertising agency. We are building a community where you can serve as mentor, mentee, advisor, author and/or critic, but this movement will not work without YOUR participation.

Our goal with Indieporch, however, is not only to shine a light on the films themselves, but the talent in front of and behind the camera. Overall, Indieporch is about the love of film and support of the independent movement. Consider this our ‘Field of Dreams.’ We have built it and now it’s up to YOU to make it work.”

So, check out IndiePorch and check out my new Vlog – What A Week In Entertainment!!! Happy Entertaining!

Watch What A Week in Entertainment at IndiePorch:Indieview

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