Huffington Post Review: “The Girl’s Best Friend”

December 7, 2017 • Entertainment, Featured, Life, Love • Views: 558

I make it a point not to read reviews. Whitney Houston said, “if I read the good ones and believe them, then I have to read the bad ones and believe them.” I think that is wise. BUT, this one from Nathan James on the Huffington Post, I read and loved. Here are some highlights! Check it out!

“Except, instead of being a person, my new go-to source about living life, is my (actual, real-life) friend Nathan Hale Williams’ latest book, which is a compendium of his popular columns in Essence Magazine. Entitled The Girl’s Best Friend: A Collection of Essays On Love, Life, and Sharing Your Light, this insightful tome had me turning its pages all through a long holiday weekend last month.”

“Without being preachy, Girl’s Best Friend is a gentle nudge in the ribs, reminding the reader of their own worth, and commiserating over life’s social hurdles, while also offering a kind of sensible, homespun guide to dealing with them.”

“Each of the Essence columns you find in the book, says Nathan, are based on his “experiences with [his] fabulous female friends”, and so give the volume a different flavor than other books in the self-help genre. While Nathan freely admits “the term ‘relationship expert’ scares me”, I got the overwhelming impression while perusing the collection, that he’s amassed an encyclopedic understanding of his topic. Aided by his “brother-friends” and “sister-friends”, Nathan imparts to us a new perspective on the care and steering of one’s own being, and gives us plenty to think about.”


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