Happy Jackie Washington Day – Yield, Yield, Yield!!

July 15, 2014 • Entertainment, Featured • Views: 1589

I met Jenifer Lewis on the set of my film, Dirty Laundry.  It was love at first laugh.  From the moment she arrived to Atlanta and I met her in the hotel lobby I knew that we would have many more years of laughter.  I was right.

Jenifer Lewis is a tour de force triple threat performer, but more importantly she is an amazing person and friend.  I was so happy to discover that because I truly had first fallen in love with her watching her cult classic film, Jackie’s Back.  I probably have seen the film over 50 times and we used to have parties on July 15th – Jackie Washington Day.

Cheers to the film that we all love so much and the woman who is our favorite mother, auntie, sister, cousin, niece…and our best friend in our head (lucky me she’s actually really my dear friend..HAHA!)  CHEERS TO JACKIE WASHINGTON & the ORIGINAL DIVA the one and only MS. JENIFER LEWIS!  We love you!

What’s your favorite line/scene from Jackie’s Back?  SOUND OFF BELOW!

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