Hacks Shine Light on Hollywood’s Race & Gender Gap

December 2, 2014 • Entertainment, Featured • Views: 1368

Just yesterday, I posted an article on Facebook regarding Ridley Scott’s new film, Exodus and the whitewashing of the main cast. Scott’s defense of casting all white leads was that it was the only way he could get the film (which is set in ancient Egypt) made. As you can imagine, a Facebook debate ensued regarding race in Hollywood.

Today, I have read that Sony Pictures Entertainment was hacked and one of the things the hackers discovered and supplied to entertainment blog Fusion was a spreadsheet of the company’s highest earners.

According to Fusion.net:

“One other observation to make about Sony Pictures’ top-paid executives is that they’re almost entirely white. From some quick Internet searching, fifteen of the seventeen appear to be Caucasian, one (Dwight R. Caines) appears to be African-American, and one (Man Jit Singh) appears to be South Asian. (I’ll update these numbers when and if I hear back from Sony Pictures.) In other words, unless I’m missing something, the upper pay echelon of Sony Pictures is 94 percent male, and 88 percent white.”

So, it is no surprise why it’s so hard for non-white films to get green lit at the top studios. The decision makers are a monolithic bunch. I don’t support or condone criminal acts like illegal computer hacking, but this sure does explain a lot.



(Courtesy of Fusion.Net)

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