ESSENCE: Girl’s Best Friend – “It’s Not Just the Black Girls”

April 24, 2014 • Featured, Love • Views: 9141

Here’s an excerpt from my latest Essence column! “It’s Not Just the Black Girls Having Trouble with Love”

“BET’s Being Mary Jane is one of my favorite new shows, but it’s debut also continued common myths about successful Black women and their perpetual dating woes. The great majority of my Black female friends are married. I get tired of hearing that this study or that expert said Black women are predestined to be single and alone, particularly the successful ones.

In separate, recent conversations with a Jewish friend, an Asian friend and a Caucasian friend (all female) each of them talked about how hard dating is for them too. And, how the majority of their friends are unmarried (or divorced). The common thread amongst them is not race, but….

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