Bright Lights, Big City – NYC (Not So) Fabulous Side

March 24, 2014 • Life • Views: 661

The (not so) fabulous life in New York City. Truly, New York is one of those cities where so many people aspire to live a life that is affordable by a very few. Still, New Yorkers believe in the ‘fake it until you make it’ premise, which leads so many of us down a bad road, especially if you never quite make it. Even when you do make it, maintaining “it” in this city is almost doubly more difficult.

It can be overwhelming particularly if you get caught up in the superficial. I have made more money here than I thought was possible doing everything from TV shows to parties. I have also had $2 in my bank account trying to figure out what was going to be for dinner. That is the essence of this city. “If you can make it here, surely you can make it anywhere.”

Thankfully, faith has made me a fighter. And, I have learned so many lessons that I have been open to receive. It has kept me grounded and I know that none of the other stuff that we measure our New York lives by is real (and most of the people either). So, I totally can see how this rat race got to be tiring and she gave up. It is really why you have to find joy from the linear line between you and the Source and not any of this earthly stuff (point to lesson learned early Saturday morning when one of my fellow rats took my stuff).

(Via NY Post)


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