25 Days of (Com)Passion Tax Deductible End of the Year Campaign

December 9, 2014 • Entertainment, Featured • Views: 1357

25 Days of (Com)PASSION! We continue our end of the year fundraising push for Love For Passion! I often joke that my job as a producer is really boiled down to being a glorified beggar. It’s a joke, but every joke has a bit of truth. And, the truth of the matter is that I wish it weren’t that way, especially for films starring people of color and with an altruistic vs. “capitalistic” goal. I don’t mind though because I believe in independent film and, specifically I believe in this film.

We wrapped production in November and now, WE NEED YOUR HELP to finish the film! Our cast and crew did an exceptional job and I can’t wait to share this important story with you and the world. The good news is that DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE so a great way to offset all that money you made this year. Smile. And, even if you have a little to give EVERY BIT HELPS! We are actually not that far off so if it’s just $10 – we will take it because we need it.

Love for Passion is the story of Jeffrey Love (James Brown III) who is a young African-American dancer on the verge of his NYC solo debut. All is well until his estranged father Darryl (Miles Mussenden) shows up seeking forgiveness. It also stars Tony Award nominee & dance legend, Desmond Richardson.

I wrote this film because I found that my issues of estrangement from my own father were not uncommon among men, especially men of color. Writing and directing it was a cathartic process for me and continued my healing. I know the art of this film will help others begin or complete the healing process as well.


Here is where your donation goes:

1. Post-Production – We need to edit the film, add a musical score and all of the other post-production things that complete the film and give it the sparkle. (First and most important)
2. Curriculum Development – We are developing a curriculum using the film as a jumping point to get younger men of of color to talk about these issues in mini-residencies across the country during the summer of 2015.
3. Festival Support – We intend to take the film to all of the major festivals and your donations will help us cover any fees associated with such so that film is seen widely and accomplishes its goals.



So please, consider donating $10, $25, $50, $100 or $500 if you’ve been blessed so generously this year. You can click on the links above and below and MAKE YOUR TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION NOW. (Please e-mail LoveForPassionFilm@gmail.com if you’re interested in making a donation larger than $500. We have incentives tied to those donations, including producer credits). However, ALL DONATIONS WILL RECEIVE RECOGNITION AND SPECIAL BENEFITS!


Thank you to everyone who has donated already! You have made it possible for us to get to this point!

Love for Passion is a Sponsored Project of the IFP (www.IFP.org)

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